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Rainey’s Cleaning Service & Lawn Care

                   Licensed, Insured, and Bonded. Quality service at affordable prices.


We will not leave until you are happy!!

You have a busy life with work, children, practice, friends, and so much more. You can turn to us for your regular home cleaning to keep your house looking great without the hassle.

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  - Dusting

 - Vacuuming

 - Light stain removal

 - Counter tops and bathrooms

 - Windows and polishing

 - Disinfect and sanitize

 - Vertical and horizontal cleaning

Regular home cleaning services

With our help you can keep your home looking amazing and ready to entertain, even with a full family and life.


You will be surprised how affordable and easy it is to work with us. We have been helping your neighbors and friends for over 30 years, and not it is your turn.

Your home will look amazing


Quality service at affordable prices!!!

256 227 2986

256 962 3939

256 341 7784

Our goal is to provide every customer with exceptional  service at affordable prices. We have being doing just that for over 30 years.